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    Lingshou Star Mica Factory, founded in 1976, 30 years has been engaged in mica monograph on the production and sales. Our factory is located in Lingshou camp northwest industrial area, 60 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, Beijing 240 kilometers, Tianjin port 350 kilometers, the railway station 40 km away from the positive definite, transportation is very convenient. Covers an area of 28,000 square meters, the total number of cadres and workers of the existing 105 people, including 20 engineering and technical R & D personnel, 3.58 million yuan in fixed assets, the introduction of domestic and foreign 69 sets of advanced equipment, strong technical force, detection equipment, in output of 25,000 tons, with annual sales of 12 million yuan.
Our main products: crushed mica, mica powder, dry white mica, wet white mica, black mica, mica products such as ultra-fine mica powder; I also plant run: vermiculite powder, quartz sand (powder) , natural sand, pebbles and other non-metallic mineral products, key products factory "Star" brand of dry and wet mica used in chemical, oil, aviation, electronics, welding, coating, paint, fire, plastic, rubber, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics and new building materials, etc., are extremely versatile. With the development of science, people will open up new fields of application.


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