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  Quartz Sandstone, mainly contain quartz, density per cubic centimeter of 2.65 g Mohs hardness of 7, 60,000 are crystal crystallization system, appearance into white, green gray, gray and white, and so on. Mainly used for glass products, foundry industry, the metallurgical industry, ceramic uranium face, refractories, cement industry, the chemical industry, etc.. The use of quartz sand: Glass can be used to create all kinds of flat glass industry, folder wire glass, embossed glass, hollow glass, foam glass, glass bricks, bottles and jars of various packaging, glassware such as: beer bottles, glass, jewelry, can create optical glass, glass equipment, fiberglass, conductive glass , and special glass. Casting for the modeling industry with sand. Metallurgical industry can be used for smelting additives, such as flux. Refractories industry can be used for high-temperature kiln bricks, tiles and refractories, and so ordinary. Cement industry can be used sand cement batching, aerated concrete, ordinary products. The chemical industry can produce sodium silicate, desiccant, petroleum refining catalysts. Manufacturing exterior wall paint, lacquer, and other road line drawing. Application of a very wide range, but with the development of technology was also open to many new areas.


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