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  Mica is broken in mica mining, ore, produced during the processing of mica and mica debris fragments, it is copied mica powder made Grinding Mica Powder paper and the raw materials. Mica and Mica Powder broken mica can be processed into paper, but also can be a substitute for creating all sorts of mica-low cost, uniform thickness of the insulating material. In addition, Mica broken also widely used as paint, rubber, plastic and packing industries such as building materials. Muscovite the main purposes: White Mica Powder is the characteristics of insulation, high temperatures, luster, and material properties of chemical stability, good at good insulation, flexibility and toughness. There are processed into Mica Powder sliding of better coverage and strong adhesion.
(A) daily chemicals: mainly used for cosmetics, Carmine and pearl pigment and other light. Increase luster.
(B) Mica ceramic raw materials: Mica ceramics can be used as additives, scalability and high temperature insulation properties.
(C) paint Tim material: Pearlescent paint using mica do tim expected, will enhance the transparency and gloss paint, and reduce costs.
(D) Tim plastics and rubber materials: plastic and rubber after adding Mica Powder plastic and rubber can enhance the aging resistance, increase strength, reduce production costs.
(E) Building Materials: Mica Powder used in the more extensive construction materials, such as roofing materials used in a waterproof, fire prevention, insulation, and insulation and decorative role. For asphalt felt, plumbing, mortar and cement agent can improve performance, and so on.Yunmusuui


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