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  Vermiculite is a water layer of magnesium aluminum silicate, appearance Mica, thermal expansion because of its love-when a deflection shape resembles leeches, it called vermiculite. It has a thermal insulation, heat and cold-resistant, anti-bacterial, fire, sound absorption, and so will the opposite sex, not bile acid and its dielectric properties are relatively poor. In 800-1000 degree high temperature, roasting, volume can be increased 4-15 times the color into white gold or silver. Health vermiculite application: Tg3, (3.5-7 mm), Tg4, (1-3.5 mm) mainly used for construction, shipbuilding, governance necklace, the chemical industry, such as improved soil. Tg5 (1mm below) for fire boards, fire retardant coating from the insulation fire in the role. Application of vermiculite expansion:

2-150 head mainly for housing insulation materials, household refrigeration, noise plaster, safe, plumbing, etc..
20-40 m mainly used in cars, aircraft, refrigerators, wallboard water cooling towers, filters, and other steel annealing.
40-120 m mainly used for oil carpets, roof panels, such as referrals gates plate.
120-270 m mainly usedhuqingzhiprint, outdoor advertising, painting, photography corkbanbanpaper.
325 m mainly for gold andgutongseink, paint, supplements, fire retardant coating.


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