HebeiLingshou Xingguang mica processing factory
Welcome to Star Mica Powder Plant site, I plant to quality order to survive, rely on the credibility and development, economic development and prosperity for the common struggle!




    As the supremacy users,keeping quality first, the purpose of credibility first,Chengzhao all passengers, for common development, economic prosperity and struggle!
1, quality assurance of goods containing quality assurance in accordance with the guarantee of the implementation of the commitments. Other commodities according to the relevant state regulations.
2, delivery service to customers in our factory shipment agents,Pei huo services.
3, the return flow of goods plant products sales will be guaranteed in accordance with the relevant legal seven days return, you can receive products seven days of the request returns, if your goods due to mismanagement or other causes can not be used to cause serious damage, we have not returned; As a result of minor damage, we will part of the amount of deductions for compensation or restoration, please contact prior and staff.


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